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The core advantage of ICP DAS is to satisfy customers’ needs for multiple varieties and small quantities of LCD modules. We provide Color LCD module, RGB, LVDS, HDMI, VGA, MCU, RS232 or UART interface color TFT module. With the in-depth accumulation of technology, increased production capacity and talent reserves, ICP DAS will continue to dedicate itself to serving the global electronic display market based on technological innovation.

The company is an international leading display production and manufacturing enterprise. Since its establishment in 2008, the company has been focusing on the R&D, design and sales of display chips, and is committed to providing display chip solutions for all kinds of display panels and displays. The company now has a wide range of display chip products, including panel display driver chips, power management chips, LED display driver chips, control chips, covering LCD, LED, OLED, AR/VR and other mainstream display technologies, widely used in smart phones, televisions, laptops, tablet PCs, monitors, wearable devices and various types of indoor and outdoor LED display, to meet the diverse display needs of customers. We are able to meet the diversified display needs of customers. At the same time, the company is also actively laying out small-pitch LED display, silicon-based OLED display and other advanced display technologies, and carry out the research and development of SoC chips and automotive display chips to promote the continuous expansion of the company’s product line.

Our Markets

Continuing to provide innovative display solutions to a diverse range of industries around the world allows us to offer a unique perspective and analysis of the ever-changing field of human-machine interfaces.

Industrial Applications

Durable and reliable, with widely scalable performance and high availability. Long-term reliable operation in harsh industrial environments.

Medical/laboratory equipment

User friendly, scalable and secure. For compact and ultra-compact mobile devices, we have a specialized low-power series of LCD modules that greatly extend battery operating time to ensure your operational needs.

Consumer equipment

Long-lasting and durable, meet the stability of the process control from various electrical throughput.

A leading designer and manufacturer of LCD modules. We offer a full range of services and consulting to our customers. You can get design inspiration by contacting our experienced design and development team to build a satisfactory display solution together. We don't just design products; we provide solutions!



Monochrome price, color display, reliable quality, long-term supply


Simple, easy to use, low cost, high performance


Stable supply, after-sales warranty of 2 years, professional design

At Hongcai, we are committed to "making products easy to use".