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Innovation – Display performance and customization that will set your product apart
Expertise – Engineering prowess to design and deliver the optimal technology
Service – Global scale with local support you can rely on throughout your product lifecycle and beyond

Products is a manufacturer of custom displays

We add the human touch to technology.

We design and deliver the highest performance display for your application. We combine 25 years of expertise, exceptional technology, and world-class customer service to provide the perfect solution for your product.

We believe that the display is the window to the soul of your product. It’s what allows your customers to interact with your technology. We listen to your needs; then, we deliver the best balance of performance, technology, and value to make your final product outstanding.

Our customers are companies of all sizes across multiple industries, including Automotive, Marine, and other transportation markets; Medical, Gaming, Instrumentation, Industrial, Aerospace, Military, IoT, POS, and specialty Consumer markets.

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Engineered Custom
Display Solutions What does that mean?

In an industry where being the same as everyone else just isn’t enough, you have to find a way to differentiate your product from the pack. There are many ways to achieve this goal, and one is to have the best display solution to fit your product. At US Micro Products, we work relentlessly to design the single most efficient display to accomplish your needs. If you are looking for a round display for your dashboard, or a high brightness display for your outdoor gas pump, or a vandal resistant cover glass for your ATM. Even if you are new to display technology and don’t know where to start, our Display Engineers can guide you through the design process and help you fulfill your requirements and provide the best value. Our unique Engineered Display Solutions Process (EDSP) is used to determine the solution that better suits your application.

Technology Selection

1.1 Customer inquiry
1.2 Explore application options
1.3 Technology fit
1.4 Verify project choices - Technology Confirmation


2.1 Feasibility study
2.2 Implement design
2.3 Order samples


3.1 EVT: Engineering Validation Test
3.2 DVT: Design Validation Test
3.3 PVT and customer approval: Production Validation Test
3.4 Mass production

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